“I had this huge red wine stain on my rug after my BD party. A few hours after your cleaners came to my home the stain is gone. Thank you, guys, you saved me.”

Jennie Johnson

“W & J Cleaners did a miracle with my worn-out carpet. After they cleaned it with their machines it looks like brand new again. Totally recommend their services.”

Michael Thomson

“The company delivers really great carpet cleaning. The prices are set. Good quality. Would totally recommend it.”

James Dean

“When I rented my new apartment I had to make a decision about the rug in the living room that was in really bad condition – whether to throw it or to try and clean it. I picked up the second option and hired the W & J cleaners. I’m very happy with my decision. The rug looks lovely now – fresh and clean.”

Dianne Smith

“Booking a service from your company was really fast and easy – it took only a few minutes. The carpet cleaning took a few hours and the result is great. Thank you, W & J Cleaners”.

Miya Bricks

Scrupulous cleaning services provider. Really professional services. Good prices.”

Tom Jameson

“Booked sofa cleaning. Very happy with the service – the process was fast and the result is great. The cleaners applied the fast drying system so I could use my sofa in just three hours.”

Sara Murphy